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We were very excited to read the article by Lynn and Ken Finlay in the February issue, as we’ve been planning for our retirement as full-timers for some time.

We are going to sell our house and all the contents. I am not finding that so difficult; I have made a montage of photos and laminated it, and this I’ll Prestik to the outside van wall in the ‘lounge’ - that way I can see my children and grandchildren every day!

About a month before we move out of the house, we will unpack the van and take it to Jan at Durban Caravan & Outdoor for a full service. Whatever pots, pans and kitchen utensils I use in the kitchen, I will pack into the van, and then donate the rest. If you don’t use it, lose it!

We live in Durban and camp once a month down the south coast. Our favourite caravan parks are Scottburgh, Rocky Bay, Ifafa Beach Resort and Caravan Cove. They all allow small dogs, which is a must for us as we have a small dog - which, I must say, is better-behaved than some children we have had the dubious pleasure of camping near!

We have found the prices at these caravan parks very reasonable, although I would like someone to explain why we need to pay up to R17 per day for our dog. The caravan parks inland in KwaZulu-Natal which I have phoned for rates are very surprised when I ask ‘How much for the dog?” Speaking of dogs, there are very few caravan parks in the Cape that allow dogs; and these parks also seem to be very expensive compared to KwaZulu-Natal.

Thanks to Lynn and Ken for their tip on cargo nets; we have added that to our ‘must-have’ list. We look forward to more tips and ideas from other full-timers and can’t wait to hit the road! Thank you for the 2014 issue of 'The Great Outdoors Guide'. It is very helpful, and the best thing about it is the fact that each caravan park states whether they allow dogs or not - so useful for us!
- Hester and Barney Gibson

Ed: An interesting point about being charged extra for your dog. Are these resorts perhaps staffing up a little to tackle the doggy doos that the owners overlook, or is this maybe just a subtle ploy to dissuade pet owners from visiting, without having to issue a blanket ban on pets? We’d be interested to hear from the parks themselves on this issue.

This article was published in Caravan & Outdoor Life Magazine.