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Full Timer Advice 1
My wife and I have decided that we want to change our lives. Despite being only in our 50s (and not being wealthy at all) we have come to conclusion over the last few years that it is time for us to do something different and smell the ‘roses of life’ instead of the ‘roses of money chasing’. Our grown-up kids think we’re utterly mad, but maybe this is a sign that we are on the right track!

We both have fond memories of caravanning in our younger lives and plan to take it up again, now that we are free of parental duties. We are also considering becoming full-timers (in the next few years). We are, however, a little dubious about the true costs of doing so. According to our rough calculations, (assuming bonds, cars etc are paid off) it cannot be that much cheaper than living at home if one adds the cost of travelling to the mix, especially if the cost of staying at caravan parks averages about R150 per day.

We wonder if there is anyone you could put us in touch with who might be willing to provide a more accurate picture of the real costs of full-timing?
David & Lynn Groomet

Full Timer Advice 2
I am also forced to go on pension in 18 months’ time at the age of 60. We, the Government (my wife) and I, are also thinking of selling up and hitting the road with our Exclusive. There are two main reasons – one is that we love travelling with our caravan, and the second is the financial burden of running a house: all the hidden costs, insurances and many other cashdraining must-haves.

I am very curious to hear from more of our campers who have done the same thing. I have been told that it is great to sell up and hit the road, but that, after two to three years, the majority of swallows or full-timers want to move back into their brick-and-clay jails. Please can more full-timers give us some feedback or advice on what to do? Our aim is not to be static at a campsite for longer than a month.
Leon Burger

Ed: Like most issues of this nature, I rather suspect that there are several different scenarios to consider, all of which are dependent on your own circumstances and plans. The full-timer option has been on my mind for some time; not because I want to do the same, (at least, not yet) but because I’m interested in the economics behind the lifestyle.

The biggest considerations would seem to be whether to sell or rent out your home, and what you have planned for ‘afterwards,’ when full-timing is no longer sustainable. We’d love to hear more on this subject from those individuals who’ve done the sums and made the move.

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